Measuring instruments from Apera

Apera Instruments provides scientific electrochemical instruments and sensors for measuring pH, ORP, conductivity, TDS, salinity, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, and ISE with industry-leading technologies, quality control system, and customer service.

Pocket testers

ZenTest PC60-Z Smart Multiparameter

Apera manufactures everything from low-cost models like for single parameter models for pH, to multiparameter models with or without app-support.

The multiparameter-stick on the left can measure 7 parameters: pH, Conductivity, TDS, Salinity, Resistivity, ORP (mV) and temperature.

There are models available for “regular” fluid measurements, but also models made for “soft-solids”, such as cheese, fruit, soil and similar.

All pocket testers are delivered in a rugged carrying case, and includes storage solution, batteries and calibration-/buffer solutions.

Apera PH60 Kit

Portable measuring instruments

Apera PH8500-SL

For applications requiring higher levels of accuracy and dependability, Apera offers a large selection of portable measuring instruments. The instruments in this category also offers probes made for specific tasks, such as beverages, dairy products, soil and waste water. Probes for aggressive chemicals are also available.

The picture on the right shows Apera’s PH8500-SL, which is a pH-meter equipped with a LabSen 553- POM-electrode. This instrument offers the possibility of direct pH measurement in soil, withouth the need to dissolve the soil in fluid for measurement. In addition to pH, the PH8500-SL measures temperature and mV. GLP-standardised data management is supported, and the instrument is water and dust resistant in accordance with IP57.

Advanced bench-models for the laboratory

Apera PC820

In addition to portable models for field use, Apera also offers bench-models for applications requiring the highest levels of accuracy and reproducability.

Apera PC820 allows for pH-measurements with a resolution of ± 0.002 pH. The instrument is delivered complete with two electrodes, which makes measurement of pH/EC/TDS/Salinity/Resistivity and temperature possible in one instrument. ORP (Redox) mode is available (ORP-electrode sold seperately). PC820 is easy to calibrate, and allows a calibration curve of up to 5 points to be created. GLP data management, USB-connectivity and PC software is also included.

The instrument is IP54-certified.

Other parameters

Apera TN400

Apera also manufactures instruments for other parameters and uses, for instance instruments for measuring water hardness, fluoride and turbidity.

The turbidity meter TN400 is part of a portable turbidity-kit, which includes the instrument and 4 turbity standards. The kit is delivered in a rugged carrying case.

The TN400 has an analytical range which stretches from 0 to 1000 NTU, in three ranges:
0.01-19.99 NTU
20.0-99.9 NTU
100-1000 NTU

The instrument uses infrared light, and is ISO7027 compliant, CE-approved and IP67 water resistant.