A new standard in toxicity testing

The all new Microtox LX from Modern Water is the latest generation laboratory instrument for acute toxicity testing. The new model expands and enchances on the capabilities of the Modern Water M500, and sets a new standard for toxicity analysis of drinking water, wastewater and industrial process streams.

With almost 3000 instruments sold worldwide, Modern Water’s Microtox technology can be considered the industry standard. For over 30 years, the technology has made efficient and accurate analysis possible within areas such as research, drinking water safety and environmental monitoring.

Biosensor tests using bioluminescent bacteria have been in use for more than 30 years and their capability in detecting toxic substances is well understood. They use the principle that certain strains of bacteria emit light when healthy. When they are exposed to toxic substances, the amount of light emitted reduces. The greater the toxicity of the sample, the lower the light emitted. Measuring changes in light between healthy bacteria and bacteria exposed to toxic substances will therefore indicate the presence of a toxin in a sample.