New premium analytical balance from Kern

Premium analytical balance with the latest Single-Cell Generation for extremely rapid, stable weighing results.

Kern ABP-100-4M

This new generation of analytical balances combines the highest level of precision with large weighing ranges. Thanks to the new Single-Cell Generation, the weighing result is displayed in a fraction of the time with comparable models. Together with the intuitively structured menu, this means that you can work efficiently and rapidly.

  • Extremely fast ionization process, thanks to the latest generation of KERN ionization technology to neutralise electrostatic charge (option).
  • Bright OLED display with large viewing angle
  • RS 232 and USB interfaces for the transfer of weighing data to external devices
  • GLP, ISO and GMP record keeping
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • The Minimum weight of sample can be manually stored in the device or automatically calculated. For weighings below this value, the balance issues a warning message
  • Dosage aid: High-stability mode and other filter settings can be selected
  • Easy to use recipe weighing functionality
  • Individual user settings for up to 10 users can be saved: user name/user number, password, language, user profiles and more. Guest mode also available.
  • U.S. FDA 21 Part 11: assists you in data integrity in accordance with U.S. FDA 21 Part 11 (for example weighing result, sample ID, user name, scales ID, …)
ABP 100-4M120 g0.1 mg0.1 mg0.2 mg
ABP 200-4M220 g0.1 mg0.1 mg0.2 mg
ABP 300-4M320 g0.1 mg0.2 mg0.3 mg
ABP 100-5DM52|120 g0.01|0.1 mg0.02|0.1 mg0.05|0.2 mg
ABP 200-5DM102|220 g0.01|0.1 mg0.05|0.1 mg0.1|0.1 mg

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