A Compact, Versatile, High-Performance
Selective Adsorption System.

  • Superior design minimizes dead volume & delivers accurate, experimental results
  • Configurable with up to 6 precision mass flow controllers and 2 vapor sources
  • Patented high-performance blending valves
  • Sample activation up to 1050℃
  • Thermostated environmental chamber provides uniform temperature control, even when using vapors
  • Easily connects to commercial Mass Spectrometer (MS) & Fourier Transform Infrared Analyzer (FTIR)
  • Secure door lock system for enhanced operator safety


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Breakthrough Analyser

Engineered for Performance

The new BreakThrough Analyzer (BTA) is a flexible gas delivery and management system for the precise characterization of adsorbent performance under process-relevant conditions. It delivers reliable adsorption data for gas/vapor mixtures using a flow-through system.

A safe and highly optimized device for collecting both transient and equilibrium adsorption data for multi component systems. The BTA can be configured with up to six precision mass flow controllers and patented high performance blending valves, delivering unparalleled flexibility in experimental design. The superior gas-delivery design ensures the precise control of both composition and flow rate, while minimizing dead volume.

The high-quality, stainless-steel column can hold 0.05 to 2.5 grams of adsorbent. Automated sample activation up to 1050°C is possible with the precise, rugged, and reliable resistance furnace.

Operating pressures are controlled from atmospheric to 30 bar via a servo positioned controlled valve. The thermostated environmental chamber delivers uniform temperature control of the entire system up to 200°C, eliminating cold spots. The BTA secure door lock system ensures operator safety throughout the analysis.

Vapor generators can be added to the BTA to enable the use of important probe molecules such as water for experimental studies. The BTA easily connects to commercially available Fourier Transform Infrared and Mass Spectrometer systems for gas identification and quantification.

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