Webinars from Micromeritics

By Henrik / 26/05/2020

From leading products to industry experts, Micromeritics helps open new horizons in Material Characterization. Meaningful measurements and analyses that provide accurate and reproducible data are built on basic understanding and in-depth application know-how. Micromeritics’ webinars teach you how to understand analytical data better and maximize its value, to speed up timelines, to increase efficiency and…

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Micromeritics launches Online Instrument Training eLearning Platform

By Henrik / 29/10/2019

Comprehensive On-Demand Program Will Initially Cover Three Products and Will Be Available to its Global Customer Base.

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Introducing the all new Subsieve AutoSizer (SAS) II from Micromeritics

By Henrik / 28/10/2019

Developed as a direct and improved successor to the widely used Fisher Model 95 Subsieve Sizer (FSSS), the Micromeritics SAS II has improved the FSSS’s performance by offering easy-to-use automated functions together with electronically recorded data.

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Selective Adsorption Analyzer 8100

By Henrik / 03/01/2020

Delivering precise performance characterization for next generation adsorbents

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Density and volume

By Henrik / 15/10/2019

Density, Pore Size and Volume Density Analyzers Density specifies how much of a substance occupies a defined volume at a stated temperature and pressure. The density of a substance can be used to define the substance and it performance characteristics. Controlling the density of finished goods is often desirable for performance as well as economic…

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Surface Area and Porosity

By Henrik / 09/10/2019

Surface Area and Porosity Surface Area Surface area and porosity are physical properties that impact the quality and character of solid phase materials. Materials with identical physical dimensions may exhibit entirely different performance profiles based on variations in the physical surface area of the two materials. Surface area measurement is an important analysis used in…

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Particle sizing with the electrical sensing zone-method

By Henrik / 24/07/2019

The electrical sensing zone method is an effective way of counting/sizing materials with assorted optical properties, densities, colors & shapes.

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Powder Flow Testing with the FT4 Powder Rheometer

By Henrik / 26/06/2019

The FT4 Powder Rheometer® – a universal powder flow tester for measuring powder flow properties and powder behaviour.

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Porosity Characterization

By Henrik / 20/06/2019

Derived from the Greek word ‘poros’ meaning passage, porosity is a critical parameter used to describe and quantify the internal structure of many materials of industrial interest. Porosity defines the ease with which fluids can travel through a solid, the extent and accessibility of internal surface area and relationships between strength and weight. Examples of…

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Powder characterization

By Henrik / 22/05/2019

Powders are an abundant and diverse class of products that underpin the health and comfort of day-to-day life. From the fluid catalytic cracking catalysts used for oil refining, and metal powders that make up aerospace components, to pharmaceutical formulations, cosmetics and milk powder. Developing powders fit for every purpose relies on engineering materials from the…

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